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Pattern Catalog

Page history last edited by Don Levan 14 years, 2 months ago

Below are the broard categories of patterns suggested during the braintorming session.  The are as of yet, in no particular order. Feel free to take a pattern and make intial notes on the pattern. A proposed structure to follow would be:






Problem Being Solved:


How it Works:


When to Use it:


Additional Resources: 


When describing a pattern, keep in mind this from Christopher Alexander: "Each pattern describes a problem which occurs over and over again in our enviornment, and then describes the core of the solution to that problem, in such a way that you can use this solution a million times over, without ever doing it the same way twice." (As quoted in Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture by Martin Fowler, pp 9-10).





Loops - "Loop with Counter", "Loop with Counter and Progress Bar"


Primary Keys


Incremental Search


Parameter Passing


Session State


Incremental Search 


Data Model Patterns






On Solution Open


Plugin Deployment


Observer Pattern


Window Management




Error Dection and Handling




Duplicating Record Hierarchies


Record Focus or Active Record


Converting Quotes to Invoices










Other items raised during the session, but which don't seem quite like the others:




Naming Conventions


Deployment of Interface Graphics



Comments (2)

Don Levan said

at 6:13 pm on Jan 26, 2010

Thanks a cool example. Thanks Hal.

Hal Gumbert, CampSoftware.com said

at 11:22 am on Jan 23, 2010

Here's a great example on how we may be able to rate Patterns based on FRED (Features, Reliability, Ease of Use, Documentation). Each would have a score from 1 to 5 giving a high score of 20. Each person would rate and the average would be the visible score. http://drupalmodules.com/module/administration-menu

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