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Value Based Billing: Part 2

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How to determine what your client really wants.


Your client really wants the same thing you do – Value.

[1]Legal Dictionary

Main Entry: val·ue

Function: noun

1 a : a fair return or equivalent in goods, services, or money for something exchanged value for the price> b : VALUABLE CONSIDERATION at, CONSIDERATION

2 : monetary worth; especially : MARKET VALUE


If you charge for your services on an hourly basis the value you provide is your skill and ability to complete a specified task. And it falls on the client to specify the task. A large number of services in our society are provided on this basis, and the common thread amongst these varied types of services is that in each case it falls on the customer or client to direct or provide specific instruction to the qualified laborer. So, for those developers who choose hourly billing, the question is answered; do what the client requests.


If however, you do not charge for your services on an hourly basis, the question then becomes; how do you provide Value to your client? And it falls on the client to specify Value.


During this discussion we will address the two sides of Value: from the client’s perspective and from the consultant/developer’s perspective

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